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  • In view of huge #Nuclear Fuel deposits globally Nuclear Plants can ensure continued supply of energy for next thousand years.
  • #NuclearPower facilities can produce #Energy at a 91% efficiency rate 24/7, with zero carbon emissions
  • #NuclearPower a Brighter Tomorrow for the next #Generation.
  • #OnThisDay One Hundred Thirty-One Years Ago, #OnThisDay, Germanium was Discovered.
  • क्या आप जानते हैं कि परमाणु बिजली घर से निकलने वाला एक दिन का रेडियोधर्मी कचरा महज 6 किलो ग्राम के आस पास ही होता है I इसका मतलब अगर कम कचरा तो वातावरण अधिक स्वच्छ और हरित होगा I
  • Nuclear Power is a #Safe means of generating #Electricity
  • #OnThisDay Rudolf Ludwig Mössbauer was born 88 years ago.
  • #DidYouKnow highly #Radioactive materials are confined and kept out of the workplace and #Environment.
  • Nuclear Fuel Fabrication #NuclearPower fuels growth and NFC fuels.
  • CONTAINMENT : The uranium fuel itself in the form of ceramic fuel-oxide pellets in the fuel bundle. These fuel bundles are contained inside the pressure tubes housed in the calandria of the reactor.