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  • #DoYouKnow: Gamma emissions can be used for the sterilization of medical supplies like cotton, bandages, gloves used for surgery, syringes, burn dressings, etc.
  • In India, of total power generation, 80 percent is contributed by thermal, 10.5 by hydro, 3% by Nuclear and rest 6.5 by other sources, including biomass, wind and solar.
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  • World Nature Conservation Day
  • India has been pursuing its hassle-free nuclear programme for last 48 years.
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  • Nuclear power plants are very very clever, to manage nuclear waste they are prepared forever.
  • #Contest Kudankulam Units 5&6 is the correct answer for the #NuclearAgreement applauses for the winners.
  • INDO - JAPAN Civil Nuclear Cooperation deal now in force