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  • #IndependenceDay #Contest Show Your Love And Affection For Your Nation In A Unique Way By Using The Tri-Color On This Independence Day and get a chance to win a latest Smart #Phone.
  • 1 Day to go! Be a proud Indian this Independence Day.
  • May Lord Krishna gives you many reasons to be happy and cheerful in life.
  • 2 Days to go! Awake to the patriotic heart throbbing in you, show your love and affection for the Nation in a unique way and on this Independence Day
  • 3 Days to go! Be ready to show your creativity with the tri-colour on this Independence Day.
  • On This Day
  • Youth is not a time of life; it is a matter of the will, quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions.
  • Plutonium is the correct answer for #Tangle contest. Best wishes to the winners.
  • #DoYouKnow: The human body organs effected by cancer are detected as well as treated with the help of Nuclear Energy through Radiotherapy.
  • With the help of Food Irradiation Technology we can preserve fruits and vegetables for a longer time with enhanced quality. Hence with increased shelf life, it can boost the earnings of farmers also by proper storage and maximum export.