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  • The spent fuel during the first stage (PHWR) is not a waste rather it is reprocessed and hence can become the fuel for India's second stage (FBR) nuclear power programme.
  • Nuclear Energy can be used by the Archaeologists, Geologists and Anthropologists in determining the age of rocks, insects, etc.
  • Heartiest congratulations to the winner of #CleanIndia #Contest.
  • Nuclear Waste is not released into the environment directly, but it is managed and disposed safely and professionally inside nuclear waste management facility.
  • Educating a woman means educating a family, Educate a girl and change the future.
  • Nuclear Power is reliable and available round the clock. Let us tap the potential of nuclear energy to the fullest.
  • Monday Motivation
  • Our planet needs clean energy. Nuclear power shows the way.
  • Radiation is our constant companion. It is a part and parcel of our life. We are surrounded by natural background radiation all the time.
  • #CleanIndia contest has ended, thanks for the comments, winner will be declared soon.