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UAE’s is set to take lead the middle east into the world of peaceful nuclear energy shortly as its Barakah power plant enters its final and crucial stage of construction. This will certainly add one more member to the galaxy of nations making peaceful use of nuclear to meet the energy challenges and also bolster its economy.

The first of four nuclear reactors now stands 96 per cent completed. All major testing is finished and the enriched uranium that will fuel the reactor is stored and ready to be loaded. That last four per cent, though, is not something that will be rushed as the country contemplates to ensure all the high standards of nuclear safety and quality.

However, as per the expectations of the country’s nuclear scientists, the first rush of electricity will enter UAE power grid in 2018.  Having passed most of the readiness tests by a host of authorities including environmental bodies and Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANAR), the plant would be ready to contribute to UAE’s energy mix by next. The construction of the plant began in 2012. It is currently the world's largest nuclear construction site.

Friday, August 4, 2017