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The visit to Tarapur was exceptionally well organized and helped quell various doubts regarding nuclear energy. Through this outreach program, NPCIL has made a novel, and much required attempt to reply to the jingoism that has been widespread in the media, and as a result, the public perception.
The visit to Tarapur Atomic Power Station has furthered my belief on the requirement and essentiality of nuclear energy and the need for it promotion. India’s massive energy deficit needs to be reduced and nuclear energy must play pivotal role in it. The program helps one understand how nuclear energy is a safer and more feasible option than thermal, wind, solar energy etc.
Seeing the power plant, I was also instilled with a great amount of pride in our country. Despite several various challenges throughout the years, we have developed sophisticated and safe technology for nuclear energy.
I would like to congratulate NPCIL for taking up the challenge of clarifying the various myths and misnomers regarding nuclear energy, which even a large section of the educated have. I feel compelled further these efforts undertaken by NPCIL so that there can be a consciousness about the importance of nuclear energy. 
The program is not only influential for the propagation of nuclear energy, but also in turn the advancement and development of India. I hope that such efforts are continued by NPCIL in addition to the massive service they render to the country.

Skand Tripathi,St. Xaviers College, Mumbai
Saturday, February 11, 2017