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“Our Visit to Tarapur Atomic Power Station (TAPS) on 22nd January 2015 was a wonderful treat to eyes and ears. The premises of the power plant is very neat and clean, and the surrounding is full of  serenity with native flora and fauna. The TAPS is situated near the Arabian sea coast and delivering  towards fulfilling the energy demand of this century.  The power station is having a small foot print as compared to that of thermal power plant or the hydel power plant. The station chief and superintendent were very cordial and eager to explain about the functioning and equally eager to remove myths prevailing. We had a complete inside look of the plant and was really impressed upon the fact that the plant was running and producing the power to its installed capacity of 540 MWe. No doubt NPCIL is doing a great service to the nation and fulfilling the dreams of Sir Homi J. Bhaba the visionary of the nuclear program for this country. The Nuclear programme shall definitely bring in the clean energy and support the energy demand  in near future, where the fossil fuel reserves are depleting at faster rate. We as science communicators at Nehru Science Centre are committed to join hands with NPCIL to spread the knowledge and awareness among the students in particular and masses in general.”

Shri. Shrikant P. Pathak, Director Grade Curator Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai
Thursday, March 23, 2017