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Nuclear power has long been in use for therapeutic purposes. Radiations have the tendency to kill the body cells and tissue. Physicians use this quality to treat different forms of cancers as radiation is capable of killing the cancer cells faster than the other surrounding tissue. Not only this, the use of nuclear in medicine is advancing with a fast pace and radioactive substances in small amount help diagnose and treat various ailments more effectively with precision.

Apart from industry, power generation and agriculture, the role of nuclear in medicine is now well-established and unquestionable. It determines the cause of an abnormal medical condition on the basis of the malfunction of an organ, tissue or bone. So, nuclear medicine is different from x-rays, ultrasound or any other diagnostic technique to find out the aberration in any of the organs based on its structural appearance.
Nuclear is used for diagnosis by the tests carried out using imaging technology. As any disease, especially, cancer is a biological condition which can be detected through biological imaging examination using a nuclear substance, thereby, detecting most of the cancers and also identifying its stage much in advance as compared to other tests. Besides cancers, nuclear radiation is also used in the diagnosis of cardiac and neurological disorders, like Alzheimer’s in an early stage.

Monday, May 29, 2017


nuclear medicine