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N-Imaging key to over 100 diagnostic procedure As a therapeutic agent, nuclear medicine plays a crucial role in the treatment of hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer, blood abnormalities and any kind of bony anomaly owing to certain cancers.

The so-called anti-nuclear fear-mongers always look for opportunities to propagate myths about the dangers and ill-effects of nuclear radiation on the body during imaging. But, it is an unfound claim as nuclear medical imaging is used in over 100 different diagnostic procedures throughout the world. All the imaging procedures done with nuclear isotopes are carried out under strict guidance of qualified medical practitioners who follow all the laid rules and regulations keeping patient’s safety on top priority. Moreover, the amount of radiation a patient is exposed to under such procedures is monitored by the team of experts trained in these specialized tests.
In fact, we are always exposed to one radiation or the other. It is very much a part of the natural environment and man-made sources. For most of us, natural background, radiation from space, rocks, soil, even carbon and potassium atoms in our own body account for about 85% of our annual exposure to radiations. What is more, many of the consumer products like coloured television, smoke detectors, etc., also become a potent source of radiation. However, the use of radiation in medicine, power generation, industry and agriculture has improved, extended, advanced and saved hundreds of lives against environmental pollution across the world.

Friday, July 7, 2017


Nuclear Medicine