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In the present times, when nations are faced with energy challenges, Nuclear energy is witnessing a renaissance around the world. UK, where energy crisis is hitting the consumers for years now, new nuclear energy plants under construction could contribute significantly to energy supply. With the tangible growth in population, older oil, gas and nuclear energy plants had closed down. In the face of exponential population growth, a large proportion of older oil, gas and nuclear power stations have closed. By 2030, 35pc of our current energy capacity will no longer exist and as per the Government estimates, energy reforms will cost up to £110 billion over the coming years. So, amid dwindling supplies and growing demand, it’s estimated that an extra 60GW of energy will need to be generated to break even.


 The experts however feel that a single energy solution cannot be relied upon – instead, a mix of sustainable energy sources could provide and formidable solution to the issue.  Nuclear energy, which already delivers around 20pc of the UK’s electricity supply, has recently garnered a large amount of interest and curiosity. UK is pursuing its nuclear energy programme in collaboration with Japan in order to bring their advanced boiling water reactor (ABWR) technology to a new market.


Friday, August 4, 2017


nuclear energy

nuclear energy