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A few students from the TYBMM class got the great opportunity to visit the Tarapur Atomic Power Station thanks to the efforts of NPCIL It was indeed a memorable visit. I personally gained a lot of knowledge about atomic power and the various processes that are involved in extracting energy from the nuclear fission process. We were very fortunate to see the plant from inside like the turbine area and the main control room of the plant. It enlightened us with the working of the plant.
We had intimate and informative discussions with higher officials of the plant. They cleared our myths and doubts about radiation due to use of radioactive metals like Uranium and Cesium and pointed out that the radiation levels due to use of atomic fission reactions is much less than normal values found anywhere else in the atmosphere. They answered all our questions without hesitation and cleared our misgivings.
The officials provided us with reference books on the subject for future readings. The working of the plant seemed safe for both the workers and the high officials. We got to know through the study carried out by the plant officials that the nearby villages and towns are not affected by the radiation.       

Mayuresh Hendre, St. Xaviers College, Mumbai
Saturday, February 11, 2017