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"Hall of Nuclear Power" New Delhi, Musical Walk-through

Nuclear Friends Foundation

Supporting Clean, Sustainable Energy For Our Planet

Nuclear Friends Foundation (NFF) separates the facts from all the noise you hear about nuclear energy. NFF is focused on answering queries that you may have about this eco-friendly mode of power generation, busting myth surrounding it. Nuclear Friends Foundation takes up the role of playing the catalyst between you and everything about nuclear energy. Nuclear Friends Foundation, a non-profit organization, is established with the objective of propagating true and eye-opening facts about nuclear energy and its myriad applications helpful to mankind. We aim to address the many prevailing misconceptions and negative buzz about nuclear power with vital facts and figures. NFF offers an open platform to everyone who realizes the power of this modern form of clean and sustainable energy as well as its undeniable role in fighting global warming and the consequential climate change.

In A Nutshell, NFF Endeavours To Create A Strong Base Of Nuclear Friends By:

  • Serving as a platform for all segments of people
  • Being a one-stop destination for all things nuclear
  • Sharing facts about the undeniable merits of nuclear power
  • Being active on all major social media platforms as well.

The Mission

NFF intends to debunk the prevailing myths and misconceptions about nuclear power

The Vision

To reach out to millions of people and put across the facts about nuclear power. To bring to a sharp focus eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, reliability and sustainability of nuclear electricity. We are sure that when people are presented factual information on various aspects of nuclear energy, they can then choose to go with the truth rather than hearsay.