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After obtaining environmental approval to construct the Nuclear-1 Power Station and associated infrastructure, Eskom is has got the approval from Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) of South Africa to proceed with nuclear installation at at Duynefontein in the Western Cape. The new site is located next to the existing Koeberg nuclear power station. In a statement issued by the state-owned utility, Eskom’s Chief Nuclear Officer Dave Nicholls stated: “We welcome the authorisation by the Department of Environmental Affairs on the Final Environmental Impact Report (F-EIR) for the Nuclear-1 Power Station and associated infrastructure, and consider this an important milestone in the development process of South Africa’s nuclear programme.” It is an important step in the right direction for the future of nuclear power in South Africa.

As per the sources, the environmental assessment undertaken was a rigorous processing. Throughout the EIA process, more than 35 studies were undertaken, with some revised and updated, by experienced specialists and a comprehensive Public Participation Process (PPP) was undertaken. The granted authorisation is confirmation of the adequacy of the extensive work undertaken. (Courtesy: Africa Power Journal)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Nuclear power

nuclear power